Het Raam is a company where we think from the point of view of the film maker. We'd like to help you from our own experience to get the best results regarding the workflow of your film. Here, you can design the look of your film. From beginning to end. You can shoot a camera test here and directly load your material in in our suite, color grade it and project it on our Barco 2K projector. After that, we can advise you about the possibilities in the post production in response to the choice of camera.

At our post production department, we work with a few regulars, among them colorist and online editor Laurent Fluttert, but also with freelancers when there's a specific wish from the director or cameraman/-woman. Our suites are equipped with Davinci Resolve, Assimilate Scratch etc. In the editsuites we have different systems as well.


Color grading from all formats (Arri RAW, Red RAW, ProRes 4:4:4:4, DPX, AVCHD etc.)
  • DaVinci Resolve
  • Assimilate Scratch
  • Apple Color
  • Adobe SpeedGrade

Compositing / Special Effects
  • NukeX
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Maya
  • Massive

  • Final Cut Pro
  • Adobe Premiere Pro                            

  • Nuke
  • After Effects
  • Maya
  • Massive Crowd Simulation 

Online editing
  • Ondertitel plaatsen
  • Simple titel ontwerp
  • Leaders etc. plaatsen

  • DCP mastering
  • MXF + uploads naar alle publieke omroepen en STER, SBS en RTL
  • Quicktimes in alle formaten
  • etc 

  • LTO-5 LTFS

  • From all formats, to all formats

For more information, technical questions or an invoice, our in house post production supervisor Julia Rombout is available on monday, wednesday and friday. Call 0031 (0) 206374757 or send an e-mail to julia@hetraam.nl.
07-09-16 George Maduro

07-09-16 George Maduro

War hero George Maduro has an interesting history. His parents wanted his name to live on and that's why they donated an large amount of money to build Madurodam. A short film was made about this special man, produced by Memphis Film & Television. This film was color corrected by Laurent Fluttert and premiered two weeks ago on Curacao.
10-05-16 Waiting for Giraffes

10-05-16 Waiting for Giraffes

Waiting for Giraffes, the documentary by Marco de Stefanis and Volya Films is about Dr. Sami, the veterinarian of Qalqilya Zoo (Palestine), the only zoo in the world in occupied territory. He loves his animals and to improve their situation he needs to collaborate with the Israeli’s and he is seeking international recognition. So that one day he can replace the giraffes that were lost in the last intifada. 'Waiting' for Giraffes' is color graded  and mastered by Laurent Fluttert.

Watch the trailer here.
21-01-2016 'Problemski Hotel' premiering at IFFR

21-01-2016 'Problemski Hotel' premiering at IFFR

Next week is the Dutch premiere of the film 'Problemski Hotel' at the International Film Festival Rotterdam.
04-12-15 Two films selected at IDFA

04-12-15 Two films selected at IDFA

'A strange love affair with ego', directed by Ester Gould, as well as 'The world according by monsieur Khiar', directed by Sjors Swierstra, were selected to show at IDFA 2015. Esters film was awarded with two prizes: she won in the category Best Dutch Documentary and got a special mention from the jury of the AWFJ EDA Award. Both films were color graded by Laurent Fluttert.
23-02-15 Who the Devil Can See in the Dark

23-02-15 Who the Devil Can See in the Dark

For the new music video from Glossy Jesus, shot by our own Sanne, we did the color grading.

Director: Julie Perion