About us

At Het Raam Digital Cinema you can find Camera Equipment Rental and Postproduction Services side by side. Founded in 1987 by Dutch cameraman Edwin Verstegen NSC, it has since then become a place to support Filmmakers with the latest and finest equipment and, above all, expertise.

Cameras include Arri Alexa, RED, Sony, Blackmagic and Canon. Zeiss Compact-, Ultra-, Masterprimes and Master Anamorphics, Cooke, Angenieux zooms, Leica Summilux-cine, Nikon and Canon lenses are the heart of our company. That also includes Vintage lenses like Super Baltars, Moviespeeds, Cooke Speed Panchros, Mamiya, Hasselblad, LeicaR and Canon. We also supply grip equipment like Steadicam, sliders and gimbals by FreeFly Movi.
With the rise of digital cinema, the integration between modern camera technique and post-production is inevitable. In 2005 we started a postproduction facility. Our grading suite features Scratch and Davinci systems on a Barco 2K DCI projector. VFX works with AfterEffects, Nuke and Massive.

For more information about camera rentals, post production services or technical questions, please give us a call at 0031 (0) 20 6374757 or send an e-mail to info@hetraam.nl.


Damar Jansse - Planning

Damar graduated in direction of camera/lightning from the Film Academy in 2000. After that, she assisted a lot on different sets at the camera department, and for some time she worked as a photo editor. Since 2015 she takes care of the planning around the camera department at Het Raam.

Koen van Bergen - Camera departement

In 2013 Koen graduated at the Film Academy. Now he works part time at Het Raam in the camera department. Besides that, he works a lot on film and commercial sets as gaffer. Due to his experience on set, he can discuss your light plan with you and answer all tech questions.

Floris Verweij - Camera departement

In 2012 Floris graduated from the HKU (School of the Arts Utrecht) as a cinematographer. Besides his work at Het Raam, he regularly shoots short films and commercials. He can always discuss the choice of camera and lenses for your specific project.

Benjamin Sparschuh - Camera departement

After Benjamin worked on set as a lightning technian, he studied Media en Cultuur (Media and Culture) at the Film Academy in Amsterdam. He graduated as a cinematographer in 2013. Besides his work at Het Raam, he also works in camera- and lightning departments on set. Benjamin is always ready to discuss your project and to answer tech questions.

Alyssa van Veen - Camera departement

Alyssa is our newest employee in the camera department. She worked on set for years and now she stills works as a freelance focus puller, besides her work at Het Raam.

Tom Selbeck - Camera department

Tom is our newest asset in the camera department. He graduated as visual effects artist from the Netherlands Film Academy and then started to broaden his horizon as camera assistant.

Mark Lolkema - Postproductie coordinator

Mark Lolkema graduated in 2015 from the Netherlands Film Academy as a producer. Since then, he has worked on differents film sets and at the office of Family Affair Films.

Laurent Fluttert - Colorist / online editor / digital content manager

Laurent is co-owner of the post production department at Het Raam. He works as a colorist of features, documentaries, commercials, etc. He does the online editing work, and he masters all of the films that are completed at Het Raam as well.

Monique MacKenzie - Kantoor & catering

Monique worked for a long time as a make-up artist in the Netherlands film industry. Now she makes sure that the team at Het Raam is well-fed, and she supplies the office with a comfortable atmosphere.

Edwin Verstegen - Founder & CEO

Edwin graduated from the Dutch Filmacademy in 1985. He worked as a cameraman/ director of photography in televison, documentary, commercial and features. The documentary series ‘Diogenes’, where he was part of the camera crew, received the prestigious Nipkow-award. His commercial work was awarded with several prizes in the Netherlands and also abroad (e.g. the Cannes commercial festival). In 1994 he was one of the founding members of the Netherlands Society of Cinematographers (NSC) and was member of the board for 8 years. Edwin teaches parttime at the Dutch Filmacademy NFA.